Panoramic pic of the last gathering at Ruby'sUpdate 9/13/20: This WAS a good gathering.  Friggin 2020.  City of Redondo wants a mall or condos or some other larger tax base built on this site and would not renew Ruby's lease.  Word is local residents are suing since this would screw one of the last ocean front views left in the area.  Even though Ruby's was closed We had a farewell gathering in the parking lot on 9/13 and it was more packed than I've ever seen it.  I still hope some miracle happens and Ruby's can come back.  Probably wishful thinking. 😢  

Ruby's Car Show-Redondo Beach

This is a pretty good gathering of cool local cars of all kinds at Ruby's in Redondo Beach.  It runs every Friday during the warmer months falling between Daylight Savings.  Some of the regulars actually show up as early as lunch to get the best parking.  I'm usually there around 3:30pm staying til 6:30pm.  It's a great social gathering of car guys and beach folks.  You also get a lot of interesting European tourists come to check out the car show.  I'm always getting into great conversations (and some arguments) with folks there.  Always enjoyable.

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